Ultra Achievement

Earlier this year, not sure exactly when, I decided to attempt my first 50k. The idea first formed in my head around this time last year, when I paced my friend and running teammate Russ for 1 loop of the 50k course at the Another Dam 50k in Englewood, Ohio. At the time, it seemed to be the perfect race in which to attempt an ultra for the first time. It wasn’t a terribly difficult course, and the way the course did a figure eight, you were never more than 3 miles from an aid station. Plus, it was only 20 minutes from my house. So, as 2013 ended, and I started to plan out the 2014 race calendar, I decided I would go for it. What’s 5 more miles, right? Continue reading

2013 Athlete of the Year

Recently I remembered that we had not featured or recognized the accomplishments of one of our members in quite some time. It’s not because we have a lack of accomplishments to recognize. In fact, they were so numerous in 2013, Cynde and I considered several individuals to be our Athlete of the Year. For example, we had first-time marathoners, several ultra marathons, PRs throughout the year, and several Boston qualifiers.

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It’s Not About the Running

This guest post is by Teri, one of our new runners who only started running a year ago, ran her first half marathon in September, and yesterday ran the Walt Disney World half marathon with 3 other Team G runners.  This post is a good reminder that becoming a runner is part of a journey, one that will have ups and downs. Whatever the reason for running, you need patience, and perseverance, to keep moving forward.

It’s Not About the Running

In two days I will embark on the final few days of a journey I have been on for a long time.  I am running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, but for me this experience represents much more than a race.  Continue reading