Don’t Run Dry

(Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by one of our members, Allison S.)

Finally…It seems we are escaping the desolate Ohio winter. We’ve seen more of the sun in the past 7 days than we did in January and February combined. The beginning of spring brings refreshing changes to the landscape. The birds are chirping, flowers are peeking out from the dirt, the sky is blue, the grass is greening, women everywhere are painting their toenails for sandal season, and, most importantly, the warmer temperatures are arriving.

Then there’s us, the runners. Continue reading

How Long is a 5k?

Editor’s Note: This is an article written by Team G(race) member Rick Bowman. Many of our members have different backgrounds and experiences that led them to become runners. We invite them to share these experiences with their teammates and the local running community.

About nine years ago, my brother Bill, invited me to run a 5K with him. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary for a runner, except that I was not a runner. With complete innocence I asked, “How long is a 5K?”

“3.1 miles”, he answered.  Isn’t that like the distance from the Earth to the outer reaches of the solar system, I wondered?  It seemed awfully long.  With no enthusiasm, I said, “I’d have to think about it,” but I already knew that I’d just politely say, “No way, José!” Continue reading