A Successful Spring, What Will Summer Bring?

In our recently completed first season of Team Grace, Cynde and I were blessed to have a great team consisting of 12 other runners.  They were a blast to be around and train with every week from February until May.  At the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, six members of the team ran a half marathon for the first time, and several members achieved their time goals as well.

As we prepare to start our summer program, during which the main race we will be training for is the US Air Force Half Marathon, we

Spaghetti Dinner

Team Grace Spaghetti Dinner, part of the kitchen crew

already have a team of 20, including many of our alumni.  We are off to a good start in trying to surpass our accomplishments in the spring.  In addition to participating in the Flying Pig half, the team also raised money for Action for Healthy Kids. We had a couple of events, including a fantastic spaghetti dinner that will likely become a tradition, and members used personal fundraising pages to solicit their networks of friends, family and co-workers.

The fundraising is over, and Team Grace raised $5,800 for AHK, surpassing the team goal by $800!  That is the greatest accomplishment, as that money will be used for school programs to fight childhood obesity across the country.

We have set our fundraising bar high. You may be wondering how we plan to top what we did in the spring. Well, we are working on different initiatives, and nothing is finalized yet. We may do some special events this summer for specific causes. Each member on the team can also fund raise on their own for a charity that they support. The site Crowdrise is a great example of how one individual can lead a grassroots fundraising effort for a cause they believe in.  Personally, I’m fundraising this summer for Imerman Angels, a nonprofit that provides one-on-one support to those fighting cancer.  One thing is for certain, Team Grace will always maintain a focus on helping others.


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