My Legacy: A Reflection on Father’s Day

What better way to follow up Cynde’s article about being a running mother than to reflect on what it means to me to be a running father, and on Father’s Day at that. Today during church, two members of the congregation sang a beautiful song called “Legacy.” With my daughter sitting next to me, I started to reflect on the legacy I’m building.

I am involved in many activities that could ultimately be part of my legacy. One could point to the positive impact that Cynde & I are making on many lives by leading Team Grace. Our main objectives with Team Grace are to help people get in better shape and live healthier lives, to motivate them to set and achieve their goals, and to fund raise for charitable causes. We are only in our first year with Team Grace, so the full impact might not be realized for many years to come, but I think we have a good start.

After a couple of years of participating in our church’s New Year’s Day 5k, Cynde and I are now the race directors. This past January, we expanded the World Race for Hope to include a virtual component for individuals in other cities, and the actual race itself in Troy grew for the fourth straight year. For the 2012 race, we are aiming even higher, with a goal to raise a significant amount of money to fight human trafficking, both in the Dayton area and around the world. If we achieve our goals for this race, this will most certainly add to our legacy.

These examples and others may well be what I am remembered for. When I think about my daughter, I wonder what she thinks when I get up early and run before everybody in the house gets up, or when I leave the house on a Sunday evening to run and return in a couple of hours. I hope she sees that I am keeping a commitment to myself and to my family, to stay healthy and to hopefully be around for decades to come. I hope she also eventually understands that we should all do things that will help others, and to try to make a difference every day. This is why running is so important to me, because it allows me to be a role model, showing my commitment and dedication, and striving to make a difference. This is my legacy to my daughter.

What do you want your legacy to say about you?



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