Safety First!!!

There are not too many pieces of equipment that are needed when you are heading out for a run.  Shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes are the main essentials….

But what is often forgotten is sometimes the most important!!  How many times have you gone out for a run without sun protection? 

I know that I am very guilty of not lathering up the sunscreen for every jaunt out the front door.  I make up excuses….it will get in my eyes, it’s cloudy, it will be a short run.  Luckily, I have not had any repercussions from these actions just yet.  I have had some funny looking moles removed (with scars to prove it) but they have all proved to be cancer free.

Others I know, family members included, have not been so lucky. They have the scars to prove it, too, from having the cancer removed surgically. But could it all have been avoided with a few precautions? Do you get checked by a dermatologist each year? Do you keep an eye on abnormal moles or skin spots? Has the damage already been done?

Having worked at the Troy Aquatic Park for the past seven years during summer break, you see all sorts of sun-related mishaps. Early in the summer, some patrons get burned to a crisp, only to return again the next day. I often ask if they have put on sunscreen, and usually by the second day they have learned. But the damage may already have been done. No matter what, you should re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours about 1/2 hour before you go outside. That will give it time to soak in a little bit.

Please visit the following website to take a quiz of your Sun Safety Knowledge.
Hopefully, you will to better protect yourself from the sun, and stay safe and cancer free for the rest of your life.  Even a short amount of time, like a three mile run, could give the sun enough time to cause permanent damage.


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