Mid-Year Measurements

2011 is half over, and the Fourth of July weekend is upon us. Running and a family gathering are high on my to-do list this weekend, but I also want to review the first six months. The midway point of the year is the perfect time to take some measurements. And while I’m not referring to your waistline, depending on your goals for this year, taking physical measurements could certainly be appropriate. I am very used to setting measurable goals each year at work, but until recently, I never carried that over to my personal life.

At the beginning of this year, I posted my 2011 fitness and running goals on Daily Mile:

1. Run 1,500 miles
2. Set a 5k PR – I was close in 2010, tying my PR in December
3. At least 4 half marathons
4. 2 successful races with Team G(race)
5. Continuous improvement in the World Race for Hope 5k/virtual race.

And now, my mid-year performance review.

Run 1,500 miles: In 2010 I ran just over 1,000 miles. I knew I was being ambitious when I decided on 1,500 this year (seriously, a 50% increase?), and since I was injured in April and part of May, this goal may have to be adjusted. I will make up some ground as I’m training for a marathon, but honestly I will be happy if I run more miles than last year. At the halfway point, I have ran 486 miles.

Set a 5k PR: I have had a few pretty good races, but I haven’t come close to my PR. I’m targeting fall for this goal.

Run 4 half marathons: Two in the books so far, Disney Princess Half in February and the Flying Pig Half in May, and one more in September (the Air Force half). I don’t have a fourth planned right now so I might just count the Chicago Marathon.

Two successful Team Grace races: We are right on track for this goal. Yeah!

Improving the World Race for Hope: After growth in our first four years, we are really ambitious this year, with a goal to raise over $100,000 to fight human trafficking. Peer-to-peer fundraising will be a major component of the campaign later this year, as well as recruiting other cities to host satellite races on New Year’s Day.

All things considered, I am satisfied with my performance during the first half of the year. Whether I achieve all of my goals this year remains to be seen, but I strongly believe in setting challenging goals, tracking performance, and then setting new goals in a new period.

How are you tracking so far against your 2011 goals?
Do you sometimes set goals that are too challenging or unrealistic?

Good luck in the Fourth of July races you may be participating in, and have a safe holiday weekend.


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