One Week Until We Fly, Fight, Win

Our second session of Team G(race) is nearing the end, at least for the majority of the team. One week from today, eighteen TG members will be at the Air Force Marathon, with sixteen competing in the half, one doing the full, and one doing the 10k. We have trained for 12 weeks, and in stark contrast to our winter/fall session, we have endured one of the hottest summers in this area in decades. Now the prize for our hard work is in sight.

The next six days will be very busy for me. Being busy, without experiencing stessful overload, is a good thing, because it makes time go by faster. We’ll be having our pre-race dinner, and then I’ll be at the Air Force expo for several hours both days promoting the World Race for Hope, and then it will be Saturday morning before I know it. There are several things I want to keep in my thoughts this week.

1. The members of our team who won’t be with us at the race. We have had a few injuries this summer, which unfortunately goes with the territory of being a runner. There are a few others who couldn’t do this race for other reasons, but will be running a half marathon a few weeks later.

2. Our team continues to grow, and after a presentation at our church last week, there is interest in a 5k training program, especially for beginning runners and walkers. We will start this new program in early October, and the timing will be perfect with the opening of a running store in Troy.

3. As one of our members reminded us this week, the ultimate prize isn’t just crossing the finish line. Sure, it is important to set personal goals, test your limits and strive for self-improvement. Keeping your eyes on the prize has a whole different meaning when you understand that ‘the’ prize comes at end of running the race of your life.

The second half marathon for Team G(race) will be just as awesome as our first last May. We are definitely excited, but I know I’m excited about all of the races we have yet to even plan. Next Saturday, in honor of the U.S. Air Force, we wil “Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win”, but we will also keep our eyes on the ultimate prize. This is just one race in the series.


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