2012 Races & Goals, Part 1

It’s the third week of January, and I have yet to establish what my running and fitness goals are for this year.  I have a few high level goals that I’ve been pondering, but nothing specific yet. I’ll save my goals for the part 2 blog post, because hopefully by that time I’ll have them formalized.

I’ve been thinking about the races I want to run this year. I know a couple of the races that I’m going to run with Team G(race), the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus in May, and the Air Force half marathon in September.  I have never approached a year in this way, but I would love to establish at the beginning of the year all the races I’m going to run. I would think that has to be exciting, motivating and exhilirating to see a list of all your races that you’re going to participate in.

There should be more than the two races I just mentioned.  I tried to register a team for the Bourbon Chase 200 mile relay, but registration closed out in about 5 minutes. Then I was going to register for the Ragnar Relay in Tennessee, but was discouraged to see that the full payment is due up front, and as of right now, I only had two or three others who were definitely going to participate (not taking that risk.) I briefly considered running the Georgia Marathon (half) in March, but changed my mind when I realized that it was one week before the next race I’m organizing in Columbus, Ohio. I wanted to do a trail half marathon sometime this Spring, and I found out about one in Northeastern Ohio that would have been perfect.  Unfortunately I waited too long to register and it sold out.

For now, I am content with the races that I know I’m going to do, because I know there will be plenty of 5k, 10k and 15k races to fill in the gaps, and most likely another half marathon at some point, wherever that may be.

How do you approach planning your race schedule, all at once or as you go through the year?


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