January 2012 Athlete of the Month

As we enter our second year as a running team, we are starting a new feature to recognize one of our athletes each month for their accomplishments on the roads and trails, as well as accomplishments outside of running. Our first athlete of the month is Jim Clouse. Jim joined Team G(race) in May 2011 shortly after running his first half marathon. He had been running 5k races for sometime but 2011 would be a year of many firsts for Jim. He ended up doing his first half, full and ultra (a 50k trail race) last year. The Huff 50k was in mid-December, and if you have seen any pictures from the race, you’ll see how that race epitomized “ultra”.  Last month, Jim ran a half marathon on New Year’s Day and then drove to Troy to cheer for his fellow teammates in the World Race for Hope 5k. He closed out the month by running a nighttime trail marathon in Indiana in which he finished after midnight.  You are an inspiration, Jim! Congratulations on being named the first Team G(race) Athlete of the Month. We are glad to have you on our team.


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