Running for Eli

The members of Team G(race) have decided to dedicate this year to a 2 year old boy named Eli Leingang. Eli was diagnosed with leukemia last fall, and is undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments, which will continue for the next three years.


We intend to raise $5,000 by June, to help with Eli’s medical expenses, and to make a donation to CureSearch, a charity focused on children’s cancer research.

Ways you can help:

  • Go to the Team G(race) fundraising site to make a donation
  • Attend the Team G(race) spaghetti dinner on Wednesday, April 4. The tickets for the dinner are free, but a freewill offering to cover the dinner expenses and to raise money for Eli will be taken up.
  • A 5k charity run/walk will be held on Saturday, April 21st in Pleasant Hill.¬† The registration form can be found at

As we get closer to our spring race goal of running a half marathon the first weekend of May, we hope that you will feel called to support Eli, his family, and finding a cure for children’s cancer.


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