March Athlete of the Month

The Team G(race) Athlete of the Month for March is Jason Sroufe. Jason is in his second season running for Team G(race).Jason started running in high school.  It was a way to keep his weight under control as a high school wrestler.  He would get up and head to the YMCA to run 5 miles before school each day to help him stay at 130 pounds.  At Ohio State, he focused more on weight lifting and became a beefy 180 pounder.  In 2000, Jason met the girl of his dreams.  They were both active in sports and coaching and ran a little to stay in shape.  In 2003, Cynde decided to run a full marathon because her sister had already completed one.  So, Jason decided to run 26.2 miles, too!  He completed the Columbus Marathon in 3:33:38 (not bad for his first marathon!)

Jason 2003 Columbus Marathon

Jason running in the 2003 Columbus Marathon

After that race, Jason took a break from long distance running.  He ran a few 5K’s and 10K’s, but really cut down on his running for the next four years.  In 2007, he ran the Capital City Half Marathon, which was his first race at that distance.  He ran the entire race with Cynde and finished in 1:45:04.  He really liked the distance and began to stay in half marathon shape year round.  Jason has run a half marathon at the Indy Mini two times, the Air Force three times, the Dayton River Corridor , the Flying Pig, and last, but definitely not least, the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon last month.  At the most recent race, he set a new personal record for 13.1 miles with a time of 1:31:38 (6:59 pace).   His goal is to eventually run a half marathon under 1:30.

Coaching high school wrestling, Jason was unable to attend most of our winter Saturday runs.  He went out each Sunday afternoon by himself to run between 8-12 miles.  (Thank goodness for his Garmin!)  He is hoping to attend more runs in the next few months.

Jason, Cynde & Brett before the Heart Mini in March 2012

Jason will be running the Carmel Half Marathon on April 21 and Capital City Half Marathon on May 5.  He plans on running one per month for the rest of 2012.Jason lives in Troy with his (wonderful) wife, Cynde, and their two year old daughter, Cher.  He is the owner of Sroufe’s Painting Service, Inc.


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