Deja vu All Over Again

A year ago, with two weeks until the Flying Pig half marathon, I experienced such severe pain during our last long run of our training program that I was forced to walk much of the last few miles. I’m not sure how it happened, but for a couple of weeks I had felt some soreness in my shins and the front part of my ankles. I ignored it mostly, thinking it was because I was trying to change my stride and I was still adjusting. On that Saturday last year, I came to the realization that I was injured, and I needed to completely stop running, and hope that I was well enough to run the Pig. Thanks to several ultrasound treatments and expert KT taping from my teammate Lori, I was ready for the race, and ran it without pain.

Although I ended last year falling short of my goals, I was optimistic about my running this year, and established a few goals that I felt were very attainable. My training has been somewhat inconsistent, mostly due to my workload and volunteer activities, but I still managed to run a half marathon in March, and had another one scheduled for this month. Then deja vu happened. Not a shin injury, but I sprained my ankle on some trails this past week. The sprain wasn’t too severe, as I was able to walk out the trails to the car. Casie and Megan offered to carry or drag me out of the woods, but fortunately they didn’t have to.

I have had many sprained ankles in my life (I was a pretty avid basketball player in my younger years), so I know a recovery will happen. But it is very frustrating that for the second year in a row, I became injured about two weeks before our big spring half marathon. Here are just a few of the short term impacts that this injury is causing:

  • I had to skip a charity 5k today, which was a fundraiser for two year old Eli, who we are also supporting in our fundraising.
  • I am skipping the Earth Day Challenge half marathon at Kenyon College tomorrow. This was going to be a fun race, where I hoped to meet several Columbus area Daily Milers.
  • No running, elliptical, or TRX class, at least for the next week.

However, I know I need to focus on the big picture. Team Grace does two “big” races each year, a spring half and a fall half. I want to be ready to run in two weeks at the Capital City Half in Columbus.  I’m not going to rush this recovery.  If I don’t do any running these next two weeks, I’m sure I’ll still be able to run 13 miles if my ankle is healthy.

I wish I was lucky (skillful? talented?) enough to be injury free all of the time, but I follow many runners on Twitter and Daily Mile, and I know others who have had to deal with injuries. I guess I’m lucky it’s just a sprained ankle.  Lori, get the KT tape ready.


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