Happy Birthday Dwight!

Our Athlete of the Month for April, Dwight Miller, is celebrating a milestone birthday this weekend (more on that below). Dwight was nominated by several team members to be featured and recognized for his accomplishments, as well as being a great teammate. Dwight has been on Team G(race) since our inception in February 2011. He ran his first half marathon in May 2011, the Flying Pig, and another later in the year when he ran the Air Force half.

Top 10 Reasons why Dwight is our Athlete of the Month:

  1. Finishes the “Dam Runs” and goes back out to get the last runner.
  2. Usually one of the first to arrive at our Saturday morning runs
  3. Always is running with younger women.
  4. Runs with fellow teammates from Troy to Pleasant Hill and then runs a 5K race.
  5. Collects the most data from his all of his electronic devices
  6. Can always be found with a “cup of joe” and banana after a good run.
  7. Encourages other teammates to run the hills at Woodland Cemetery. 
  8. His grandson has an arranged marriage with another Team G(race) kid!
  9. The only member of the team with a Medicare card.
  10. Last but not least…his is a kind-hearted person who always is smiling. 

Dwight after a recent 5k at Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

Dwight is a retired teacher, and he and his wife Ginny travel to Chicago frequently to visit family. Of course he takes advantage of the lakefront trail while he’s there. In addition to running, Dwight is an avid pickleball player. We are so fortunate that Dwight is on our team!!!  Happy Birthday!


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