Midterm Grades

I’m about half way through my summer challenge that I started at the beginning of July, so I thought it would good to share my progress so far.

Running – Grade: A

I’m not breaking any weekly mileage records this summer but I have been consistent in my training, running 4-5 times per week. We have a record high number of runners participating in the Air Force Marathon & Half, and while I’m only training for the half, I have been doing the long runs on the weekends with our full group. Plus, I’m getting more into trail running, with a trail half coming up in 4 weeks.

Core Exercises – Grade: B

I’m definitely devoting more time to my core than before the challenge started, but I can do better. My goal was to attend a TRX class once per week on my lunch hour, but work travel and meetings have caused me to miss the last couple of weeks. However, I have not missed a daily “plank-a-day“. When I first started, I could hold an elbow plank for 1:20, and now I’m up to 2:30. I’m pleased with my progress, but I can do more. Many Runners World issues have core exercises that I could do on my floor about 10 minutes per day.

Diet – Grade: B-

I have been pretty good at sticking to my 3-4 alcoholic drinks per week rule, only going over that limit twice. And when I have exceeded that limit, it wasn’t because I had 10 drinks, more like 5 in that week. Generally, I’m paying more attention to what I eat. I’m cutting down on sweets and trying to eat healthier snacks. I’m still struggling to eat just as many servings of fruits and vegetables as the other food group items. I need to focus more on this area.

Goals through the end of 2012

My overall goal when I started this challenge was to lower my BMI, and in order to do so, I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I’m not weighing myself each week, but I will at the end of August. My goals for my upcoming races are as follows:

  • North Country Run trail half – my first trail half marathon, just to finish
  • Air Force Half – no time goal, just to enjoy the race with my fellow Team Gracers
  • Columbus Half – sub 2:00 – wouldn’t be a PR, but only the 2nd time under 2 hours

My original plank goal was to get up to 3 minutes, but it looks like I’ll be adjusting that number higher.

Lastly, for the Team G(race) 2012 campaign, I want to come up with some unique fundraising idea. My birthday is coming up in August, so perhaps I’ll be able to do something around that. I’m not very excited about the milestone I’m hitting, but I’ll try to turn it into a positive.

How are you doing staying pace on your goals this summer?


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