Time for a Reset

Friend and teammate Casie and I shared similar thoughts about today. We both desperately needed a run, since neither of us had run since last Wednesday, and we both decided it was time for a reset. Sprained ankle in the spring aside, all in all I’ve had a great year of training. I started my summer challenge at the beginning of July, with a goal to eat healthier and do more core exercises.  For the most part, I have been focused on my running goals for the rest of the year, and that has helped me to not stray too far from the challenge.But the moment you start to lose focus, for whatever reason, it is so easy to get further and further away from the path that leads to success. For me, the temporary loss of focus had to do with a busy schedule. Going into last week, I had two really great weeks, 30 miles and 26 miles, which included my first 20 mile run since last fall, and my best 20 mile run ever.  Last week started off well, running Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I had birthday meals with co-workers, a baseball game, a church meeting to prepare for, and a weekend event for which I was the lead organizer. By Sunday evening, I had no energy or motivation to run. That’s when I knew I needed to re-focus, re-energize, re-commit, and reset.

I went to bed fairly early, didn’t really sleep well (perhaps I was nervous I might inadvertently reset my alarm?) and woke up before 5 this morning. I ran 12 miles, my LSD run that I missed over the weekend. This was my longest run before work ever. And man did I feel it at work today. But accomplishing that feat was what I needed to fully depress that reset button.

I have an aggressive training schedule this week, especially with my trail half marathon this weekend. Since I have no time goal I just plan on enjoying the experience. I’ll keep my other fall races in the forefront of my mind, the Air Force half and Columbus half, and after that my focus turns to Ragnar in early January. Hopefully I won’t have to do the reset button again, but as long as I keep my goals in mind, I know I can’t stray too far from the path.


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