What’s in your Bucket?

Last week I completed my 20th half marathon overall, and in doing so I was able to cross off state #10 in my 50 state challenge (Michigan). Here is a map that shows the states I have done races in.

I realize that at the rate I’m going (1 state per year), I’ll be at least 80 by the time I accomplish this goal of running at least a half marathon in every state. But that’s okay. I have many races on my bucket list, and I think it’s more of a challenge to figure out what race I want to do in a certain state. For example, I can think of at least 3 races in California that I would like to do some time, Big Sur, Napa to Sonoma and San Diego. Or in Texas, I have friends in San Antonio, but I really want to go Austin. Tough decisions, but fun to think about and plan ahead. Is there anything better than planning trips around races?

With the rest of my year already planned out from a race standpoint, and knowing I can cross “participate in a 200 mile relay” off my list in early January, I’m starting to think about what races to do in 2013. If I want to try to keep it within a reasonable distance to be able to drive, then I need to consider Wisconsin, Missouri, West Virginia and possibly North Carolina (although I’m thinking the Outer Banks Marathon will be my race in that state some day.)

I’ve also been thinking about other non-running goals for my bucket list. I really cannot pinpoint anything that I want to accomplish that isn’t related to running.  A couple of weeks ago this topic was discussed at breakfast with some guests who were in town for a human trafficking awareness event. When one of them said they didn’t have anything on their list that compared to my 50 state challenge, the other responded that your bucket list doesn’t have to measure up to anybody else’s list. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, just something that you want to accomplish some day, something that has meaning and importance to you.

What’s on your bucket list?  Specific Races?  Non-running goals?


One thought on “What’s in your Bucket?

  1. When you plan for Oregon, I’d highly recommend the Portland Marathon. It’s a beautiful course, with the exception of 4 miles early on. You cross two bridges over the river and walk through some lovely neighborhoods and the downtown area.

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