Accountability & A New Challenge

The summer challenge that I wrote about several times ended last month with little fanfare. While I did a good job with some of my goals, like doing planks everyday and limiting my alcohol intake, in the end, I didn’t become more tone, and I definitely didn’t lose any weight.

I am happy overall with my training this year. My plan of doing the long runs with my teammates who were training for the Air Force full turned out so well that I decided to run the Columbus full instead of the half I originally registered for. But I’m not content with just being able to do long runs that enable me to run marathons. I can be a much better runner, and feel better about myself, if I could lose about 15 pounds and strengthen my core. That means back to doing planks (maybe I can get to 4 minutes!), and ab and core exercises. I’m also going to start participating in the group that one of my teammates created recently for motivation and to help each other be accountable. Similar to being on the running team, I’m hoping that this group can help me reach my overall fitness goals. I want to get there by the end of the year, but as long as I’m making progress the amount of time it takes isn’t important.


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