Runnin’ the OBX

As we near the end of the second year for the Team Grace running team, I’m starting to think about all of the individual and group accomplishments that I want to highlight in a year end recap. We also have so many pictures, from our training runs, races, fundraising events, and social activities that I would like to organize and publish. But, before I do that, there are some race recap articles to be written (including my own!). The following recap is from one of our Columbus runners, Sarah, who ran the OBX Marathon in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, this past weekend. Fortunately, Hurricane Sandy did not cause enough damage in the area to cause the race to be canceled. This is a race on my own bucket list, as my family has been on several vacations to the OBX, and I was really looking forward to hearing Sarah’s review of the race.

OBX Marathon


First of all it’s a beautiful course. The first half is mostly along the water and on back roads. The hardest part of the course was going over the bridge into Manteo… that’s where I hit my wall and never recovered. You hit the bridge around mile 23.

The other hard part that I was not expecting at all was the 4 miles of trail running between miles 9-13. You run into the woods, the first 3 miles are running on a sand like path. It’s a hard surface but still very different from the road, the last mile is running on more pine needle/dirt trail and hilly. That was a rough 4 miles since I only trained on bike trails in Columbus.

It’s not as spectator friendly as other races but there are people along the course cheering you on. They have shuttles that will take spectators from specific points on the course to the finish. My sister just ended up driving over to Manteo so I didn’t have to get back on the shuttle (school bus) after my race. Not as many bands/music, etc as Columbus or Chicago but I didn’t mind not having that. As always all the volunteers were very, very friendly. I loved the aid stations, I felt like they were very well organized and provided anything you needed at every station.


Congrats Sarah on completing your fourth marathon!


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