2013 Athlete of the Year

Recently I remembered that we had not featured or recognized the accomplishments of one of our members in quite some time. It’s not because we have a lack of accomplishments to recognize. In fact, they were so numerous in 2013, Cynde and I considered several individuals to be our Athlete of the Year. For example, we had first-time marathoners, several ultra marathons, PRs throughout the year, and several Boston qualifiers.

Once we looked at the body of work for this person, it became clear that there was no better choice.

  • Recovered from some injuries in 2012 that caused a DNS at a goal race
  • Participated in many of the team series races for our team in 2013
  • 10k PR twice and 5k PR four times!!!
  • Qualified for Boston at the Columbus Marathon
  • Highest mileage month ever in December (well over 200 miles)

Congratulations Tracey J., you are the Team Grace 2013 Athlete of the Year. You are an awesome teammate, and your dedication and positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us.

Two of the pictures include Tracey’s dedicated running pal, TerriAnn. Immediately above, you see Tracey at her Boston Qualifying race in Columbus, and above that at her most recent 5k PR at the World Race for Hope 5k on New Year’s Day.

Here are a few comments from TerriAnn:

Tracey is she is a very dedicated runner. She gets up at 5am 5 days a week and early on the weekends. She motivates me to run this early.  I do not have to be up this early to run, but I get up this early to run with her due to her motivation. She does speed workouts twice a week.  Tracey has motivated me out of my comfort zone many times.  I would not have ran two marathons if it was not for her pushing me. I would not be the runner I am if it was not for her pushing me. She is always suggesting we do this race or this run this fast.  I think what? You are going to kill me, but I go along with it because she knows I can do more.  Tracey was a tremendous support to me when I was going through my injuries last year. She is very positive no matter what.  She can have a bad running day and she is positive about it.

Tracey, we are so glad you started running with us a couple of years ago. After observing your dedication and commitment last year, you have inspired me to push my limits this year. Congratulations on an awesome 2013. I know I speak for everybody else on team when I say we cannot wait to cheer you on (hopefully in person) in Boston in 2015.


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