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World Race for Hope Director. Abolitionist. Co-founder of Team G(race) and Free To Run Foundation.

How Long is a 5k?

Editor’s Note: This is an article written by Team G(race) member Rick Bowman. Many of our members have different backgrounds and experiences that led them to become runners. We invite them to share these experiences with their teammates and the local running community.

About nine years ago, my brother Bill, invited me to run a 5K with him. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary for a runner, except that I was not a runner. With complete innocence I asked, “How long is a 5K?”

“3.1 miles”, he answered.  Isn’t that like the distance from the Earth to the outer reaches of the solar system, I wondered?  It seemed awfully long.  With no enthusiasm, I said, “I’d have to think about it,” but I already knew that I’d just politely say, “No way, José!” Continue reading


What Does GRACE Mean To You?

Our first group training run, Feb. 2011

This is a question I have posed to myself many times over the last few years. When the idea for Team G(race) started to take shape in 2010, for years I had been wanting to start a running team, with the goal to help others run a half marathon. Continue reading

Team Grace 2015 Year in Review

The Team Grace (Troy) running team recently celebrated its five year anniversary. Back in February 2011, our first group run was held inside at Hobart Arena with 10 mostly novice runners. TeamG-1stgrouprun-Feb052011There were a few people missing from that first run, but every week through May, we had a solid group of 12-15 runners who surpassed their goals, and eventually completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Continue reading